Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi, Code No. 930924
Kannamba, Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram.
   Experienced faculties to provide quality Education.

   Both Physical and Personality development programmes based on extra-curricular activities.

   Most modern facilities from Science Lab, Maths Lab, Computer Lab and Library are provided.

   A well twenty two years experienced, and effective management that has vision and foresightness for the bright future of the school.
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                The educational institution shall be governed by a board of  members.The first  board of chairman will be Mr.C.Suresh Kumar for his life time.The chairman is here by authorized and empowered to nominate any other  person  as  board member.  The  entire control, regulations, management   application  and  administration  of  the  educational  institution and  properties whether capital or income,rent, interest or profit of any kinds shall be in the  direction  of  the chairman.  Any  question  arising in   the  administration of theeducational institution  shall  be  decided  by the  chairman. A well  twenty  two years experienced and effective management that hasvision and foresightness for the bright future of the school.